Still Here…It’s a Lifestyle

The cool thing about the Still Here Lifestyle is that it means something different to everyone. It's up for your interpretation. But I'll tell you what it means to me...

Everyone always says to live life to the fullest! You could get hit by a bus tomorrow! Life is short! Well sure, you could, and it is, but no one thinks they're going to die tomorrow. No one expects an abrupt end. Until it almost happens. Then your whole mindset changes. At least mine did. 

Every day I remind myself that I'm lucky to still be here. I'm still alive, still riding motorcycles, still making memories, still experiencing new things. 

That's what life is about for me these days. I'm trying to appreciate every day that I have and hopefully contribute a little positivity into the world. 

Anyway, that's the gist! I'm pumped we're still here together and I can't wait to see where the Still Here Lifestyle goes. Thanks for coming along for the ride. 



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